2015 Nebraska Agriculture and You Digital Magazine

2015 Nebraska Agriculture and YouHot off the press! The 2015 issue of Nebraska Agriculture and You is out and the digital magazine is live online!

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture has created this annual publication, designed to educate key consumers, influencers and community leaders about the importance of agriculture to the local and state economy and promote agriculture to a growing audience concerned about their families’ food source.

We encourage you to share the online magazine with anyone who may be interested in learning more about Nebraksa agriculture and how it affects their daily lives. We all have a stake in promoting what’s wonderful about Nebraska agriculture, and this publication provides a perfect way to do that.

  • To share the online digital version of Nebraska Agriculture and You on your website, in newsletters, announcements or through social media, grab the code here.
  • To find more photos and in-depth information about the businesses and people in Nebraska agriculture, please visit com.

Agriculture affects everyone, so it’s time to learn more about the people who produce our food.

Read it. Enjoy it. Share it.