About Us


The voice of Nebraska dairy farmers promoting growth, success and sustainability.


  1. Influence Government
    1. Reduce cost of business
    2. Economic development
    3. Maintain and build local, state and federal relationships
  2. Increase milk produced and processed in Nebraska
    1. Increase number of farmers
    2. Recruit and develop next generation of dairy farmers
    3. Recruit new processors
  3. Provide continuing education for farmers
    1. Support Nebraska Extension
    2. Promote Nebraksa Extension
    3. Partner with other agriculture groups



  1. Retain lobbyist to monitor and represent NSDA at State Legislature
    Participate in a coalition of other commodities to support policy initiatives that impact all of agriculture.
  2. Maintain contact with state and federal legislative delegation to communicate issues that impact dairy.
  3. Join with other regional dairy associations to communicate a consistent message for the industry.


  1. Work with the Grow Nebraska Dairy coalition of stakeholders, to promote Nebraska within the dairy community, focused on creating markets and attracting processors.
  2. Encourage existing farmers to explore new technologies, through sharing information, tours and farmer meetings.
  3. Promote opportunities to encourage the next generation to stay involved in dairy.


  1. Partner and support with Nebraska Dairy Extension to offer workshops and educational seminars.
  2. Support the I-29 Moo University as they bring educational seminars and tours to the region.
  3. Host an Annual State Convention, bringing farmers and allied stakeholders together for educational opportunities, trade show and networking.

Board of Directors

Mike Guenther

Vice President
Bob Larson

Secretary Treasurer
Brooke Engelman

Heath Snodgrass

Steve Wolfe

Dwaine Junck

Jason Nuttelman

Roger Sprakel

Erin Marotz

Kris Bousquet
Executive Director

Responsibilities: Ag Relations, Industry Relations, Processor Relations

Dairy Checkoff vs. State Trade Associations

Checkoff Comparison-NSDA

Dairy Checkoff

  • The dairy checkoff was created by farmers for farmers, and Midwest Dairy is still 100% funded by dairy farmers today.
  • Dairy farmers are required to contribute 15 cents per hundredweight of milk sold to the dairy checkoff. Of this, 10 cents are used by the local dairy checkoff, Midwest Dairy, and 5 cents are used by the national dairy checkoff, Dairy Management Incorporated.
  • Midwest Dairy covers 9 ½ states throughout the Midwest and is responsible for handling local dairy checkoff within this region.
  • Midwest Dairy is governed by 127 board members at eight local, or quasi-governmental organizations. Ultimately, a 34-membered Corporate Board consisting of dairy farmers is selected to guide Midwest Dairy.
  • Can only be used for:
    • Consumer education
    • Promotion of dairy for human consumption
    • Nutrition, product, food safety and consumer research
  • Cannot conduct research to increase on-farm or processing productivity.
  • Cannot influence government and legislature.
  • USDA provides oversight of the dairy checkoff.
  • For more information about Midwest Dairy checkoff, visit www.midwestdairy.com.

Nebraska State Dairy Association

  • The Nebraska State Dairy Association has been the voice of Nebraska Dairy Farmers since 1885, totaling 135 years.
  • An individual’s involvement within the Nebraska State Dairy Association is voluntary. Individuals, or organizations, can choose to become either a Producer or Allied Member.
  • Nebraska State Dairy Association’s board of directors is comprised of nine dairy farmers. All board members are nominated by dairy farmers within NSDA and serve three-year terms.
  • Nebraska State Dairy Association is the voice of Nebraska’s dairy farmers and works to promote growth, success and sustainability for the dairy industry in Nebraska.
  • Nebraska State Dairy Association’s main objectives are:
    • Influence government
    • Increase milk produced and processed in Nebraska
    • Provide continuing education for dairy farmers
  • Nebraska State Dairy Association leads the Grow Nebraska Dairy effort with the Department of Agriculture, Department of Economic Development, AFAN, NPPD and UNL-Dairy Extension.
  • Nebraska State Dairy Association works closely with other State Trade Associations, as well as National Milk Producers, to advocate for dairy farmers on the state and federal level.
  • USDA does not provide oversight of the Nebraska State Dairy Association.

Nebraska State Dairy Association and Midwest Dairy are two organizations with two separate boards. However, staff is contracted and shared between the Nebraska State Dairy Association and Midwest Dairy.