Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships

Nebraska Dairy Ambassador

The Dairy Ambassador program is an educational and informational opportunity implemented by the Midwest Dairy Association (MDA) in conjunction with the Nebraska State Dairy Association (NSDA) and UNL Dairy Extension.  There are many educational and informational opportunities throughout the year to promote the dairy industry in Nebraska and educate consumers as well as students about the dairy industry and dairy products.

Objective: The objective of the dairy ambassador is to promote the Nebraska dairy industry and educate consumers and students in Nebraska.

How it works: The Dairy Ambassador position will run from February through February each year.  During this time, ambassadors will educate students and in some cases consumers about the dairy industry in Nebraska at programs such as Ag Literacy Festivals, Day at the Farm events, and any other events and educational opportunities that arise throughout the year.

Applications: Interested students should complete the application form and email it to Rod Johnson at or mail to 6409 Tanglewood Ln, Lincoln, NE 68516 by 5:00 pm on January 15, 2016.  Applications will be reviewed and notices sent by January 25, 2016.

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Quality Milk Awards

The NSDA initiated the Quality Milk Award program in 1987. The program recognizes producers with a demonstrated ability to consistently produce high quality milk. All NSDA members are eligible for the award. The top three entries receive an engraved award. All qualifying entries receive a certificate signed by the President of NSDA.

The award criteria established by the NSDA Board of Directors are:

  1. There must be no violations for added water or antibiotic contamination.
  2. A Somatic Cell Count (SCC) of 100,000 and a Standard Plate Count (SPC) of 2,500 is the baseline. Somatic cell and standard plate counts above those two levels is averaged for the herd.
  3. Herds must have at least one full year of quality records.

The herd with the lowest somatic cell count average for the evaluation period meeting the above criteria is declared the winner. The average somatic cell count is computed from the linear scores for each test. Average bacteria counts (geometric mean) are used to break a tie.

Milk Quality Application

Philip H. Cole Awards

The Philip H. Cole Awards recognize producers who have achieved excellence in managing their dairy business, are leaders within the dairy industry and are active in their communities. Distinguished Dairymen candidates must be over 40 years of age and Young Dairyman between the ages of 25 and 40. The awards are given in honor of Philip H. Cole, a Lincoln, Nebraska dairy farmer who served as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Nebraska State Dairy Association from 1969-1984.

Young Dairyman Application
Distinguished Dairyman Application


Midwest Dairy Association

The Nebraska Division of Midwest Dairy Association will be awarding $5000 in educational awards, consisting of one $1500 award and one $1000 award for students studying in the dairy field, and five $500 awards which apply to any college major or degree. Applicants who qualify include any producer who funds Midwest Dairy Association, the producer’s spouse, children or grandchildren. The producer must have an active dairy operation as of January 1st of the year the scholarship will be awarded. The producer must reside in the Nebraska Division territory. Please contact us if you need to verify these qualifications.

These awards apply to any college major or degree, and there are no limitations on the length of the program (i.e. one, two or four year program). However, an applicant must be considered as, or enrolled as, an incoming full-time student at an accredited college. These awards will be sent directly to each recipient. Eligibility includes one award per family per year. Any former applicant or scholarship winner can reapply for subsequent years.

NSDA Scholarship Application Information

National Dairy Promotion and Research Board

The National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (NDPRB), through Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), annually awards up to 19 $1,500 scholarships to eligible undergraduate students (sophomore through senior) enrolled in college/university programs that emphasize dairy. Majors include: communications/public relations, journalism, marketing, business, economics, nutrition, food science, and Ag education. In addition, the NDPRB awards a $2,500 James H. Loper Jr. Memorial Scholarship to the outstanding scholarship recipient.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, an interest in a career in a dairy- related discipline, and demonstrated leadership, initiative and integrity. Candidates are expected to complete an application form, submit an official transcript of all college courses, and write a short statement describing their career aspirations, dairy-related activities and work experiences. The application information is evaluated by a NDPRB Scholarship Committee composed of an external review panel and at least two Board members. The recommendations of the Scholarship Committee are summarized by NDPRB staff and the scholarships are then awarded.

NDPRB Scholarship Information

Co-op Scholarships

Dairy Farmers of America

At Dairy Farmers of America, we believe it is important to invest in the next generation of leaders to ensure a bright future for the dairy industry. That is why we established the DFA Cares Foundation Scholarship Program.

The Foundation awards scholarships to three categories of students:

  • Incoming freshmen: High school seniors or recent graduates who have been accepted to college, but have not yet started classes
  • Undergraduate students: Students who are currently participating in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program, but have not yet graduated
  • Graduate/professional students: Students enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program

DFA Scholarship Information

AMPI Member Farms

Scholarship opportunities are becoming available for students from AMPI member farms.

AMPI Scholarship Information

Other Scholarships

National DHIA Scholarship

National Dairy Herd Information Association (NDHIA) is offering $750 scholarships to full time incoming and continuing students at technical and two year and four year colleges/universities. To be eligible for a National DHIA scholarship, the applicant must be a family member or employee of a herd on DHI test, a family member of a DHI employee, or an employee of a DHI affiliate. The DHI affiliate for the herd or affiliate employee must be a member of National DHIA.

DHIA Scholarship Information