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Who are we?


The core of Grow Nebraska Dairy is the Nebraska State Dairy Association (NSDA), University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (AFAN), and Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA).  We expand our partners to include Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED), Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), communities, and other stakeholders.  The four core members jump-started the recruitment effort in 2012 with efforts to recruit dairies.

In 2013, the Midwest Dairy Association began a “Path Forward” project to look at the future of the dairy industry in the upper Midwest.  This is when the Grow Nebraska Dairy name began.

In 2014, the Nebraska legislature authorized the dairy study by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

Download the dairy study.

In 2015, a Dairy Summit was held in Lincoln, Nebraska to communicate the mission, goals and the future plans of the Grow Nebraska Dairy team.  The Dairy Summit, attended by Senators, commodity groups, the University, dairy producers and other key stakeholders, shared the direction of the Grow Nebraska Dairy team recruit dairy processors to Nebraka, and that is still the focus today.


Working to support and grow a viable dairy industry in Nebraska.

Nebraska Dairy - A Place to Grow

Nebraska Ag Facts

  • 1st in Irrigated Acres
  • 2nd in Ethanol Production
  • 3rd in Corn Production (66% irrigated)
  • 4th in Alfalfa Production (43% irrigated)
  • 5th in Soybean Production (48% irrigated)
  • 9th in Silage Production

Nebraska Water Facts

  • The High Plains Aquifer under Nebraska has five times the amount of water as Lake Erie.
  • Ground water is managed by local Natural Resource Districts with a long-term goal of sustainability. Regulations vary based on location.

Growth and Development Committee

Working for Opportunities for Industry Growth in Nebraska

For Information contact:

Kris Bousquet

A Message from the Director of Agriculture

Agriculture is Nebraska’s largest industry, and dairy operations are a vital part of the state’s economy. Fortunately, Nebraska offers dairy producers and processors all the key ingredients for success, whether you are relocating from outside the state or looking to expand your Nebraska operation.

This website identifies key factors for dairy producers, dairy processors and Nebraska communities to consider. On the following pages, you will find information pertaining to Nebraska’s agricultural statistics and the economic advantages of our great state. Also, you will find information on state agencies, their roles and responsibilities, and how to contact them.

Our land, our people, and our plentiful resources are some of Nebraska’s biggest advantages. They make our state a great choice for the dairy industry.

Discover what Nebraska has to offer. I think you will agree, Nebraska truly is dairy’s new world of opportunity.

Steve Wellman, Director
Nebraska Department of Agriculture

A Message from Nebraska State Dairy Association Executive Director

Thank you for visiting the Nebraska State Dairy Association, and the Grow Nebraska Dairy team.

Nebraska is poised for expansion in the dairy industry.  We have the natural resources to support tremendous growth.  The Ogallala Aquifer lies under Nebraska and provides ample water for irrigation; Nebraska is the number one irrigated state in the nation with more than nine million acres being irrigated.  Crop and alfalfa production is very consistent even in a dry year.

Nationally, Nebraska is ranked number one in irrigated acres, two in ethanol production, three in corn production, four in alfalfa and soybean production.  When you consider Nebraska’s availability of land, open spaces and support for livestock, it is apparent our state is the land of opportunity for dairy.

Dairy processors will find great opportunities in Nebraska.  The state has excellent infrastructure with access to high quality roads and railroad transportation.  Interstate 80 runs east and west through the state and most parts of the U.S. can be reached within two days.  Nebraska is a pro-agriculture and pro-business state.  In fact Forbes ranks Nebraska as the 3rd best state for business in 2016.

Nebraska has a broad coalition of support to grow the dairy industry.  Our Grow Nebraska Dairy team includes representation from Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED), Nebraska Public Power District(NPPD), the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (AFAN), the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL), Nebraska State Dairy Association (NSDA), as well as support from many other state and local partners.  This team is highly engaged and highly motivated to grow the dairy industry.

If you have any questions or need any additional information please contact me or any of the dairy team.


Kris Bousquet
Nebraska State Dairy Association, Executive Director

Grow Nebraska Dairy Team

Kris Bousquet

Kris Bousquet

Executive Director, NSDA


Dairy Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Steve Martin

Steve Martin

Executive Director,  AFAN

Kris Benson

Kris Benson

Allissa Troyer - Headshot

Allissa Troyer

Ag Promotion Coordinator, NDA

Brian Vasa

Brian Vasa