This is your opportunity to capitalize on a growing environment for dairy processing. 

Nebraska is ripe for growth in dairy processing. And the first dairy processor to make the move to Nebraska is going to have first pick of prime locations, milk suppliers and market access. We call it the First Mover Advantage.

Here are the reasons that the First Mover to Nebraska should be you:

  • Several Nebraska communities have been identified as being well-suited for dairy processing and dairy farm expansion.
  • They have the capacity in terms of infrastructure, utilities, labor and wastewater treatment.
  • Most importantly, these communities have expressed enthusiasm about bringing a processor to town.
  • As the First Mover, you’ll have the pick of the litter among these shovel-ready communities.
  • You’ll have the first opportunity to forge relationships with Nebraska dairies eager to supply you.

Here is why Nebraska should make your short list:

  • Abundant supply of high quality milk
  • Dairy industry poised for growth
  • An abundant and reliable supply of high quality water
  • 100% publicly-owned retail electric utilities with rates at 81.3% of national average—ranking as low as 10th lowest in the U.S.
  • Common sense regulatory environment
  • Streamlined permitting process in place for targeted sites
  • Attractive incentives including sales tax relief and employment credits
  • Integrated statewide effort to expand livestock production and value-added processing


Nebraska Advantage

We think Nebraska is incentive enough, but let’s sweeten the pot. The Nebraska Advantage Package is Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentive. Whether you’re expanding or relocating your business, you won’t want to skip this step.

Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentive package meets the needs of expanding or relocating businesses.


Communities have resources to assist in developing new businesses.  These may include TIF financing, loan or grant funds, and land options.

Dairy Statistics & Growth

Nebraska Dairy Statistics

The right place for the right-sized processor.  Nebraska can help you start sensibly – and grow exponentially.

  • 10th in the nation in milk production per cow per year
  • Net exporter of milk at the rate of 2 million pounds per day
  • 15% increase in cow numbers from 2014
  • Three robotic dairies in Nebraska with more to come
  • 72% of Nebraska dairies with 500 + cows say they will likely increase their herd size in the next 5 years
  • Farmers statewide plan to add more than 10,000 cows in the near future
  • Nebraska is in the Central Region Federal Milk Order #32

Livestock Friendly Counties

Industry, state and local partnerships are committed to growing the dairy industry in Nebraska. Livestock friendly counties:

Livestock Friendly County

The Nebraska Livestock Friendly County (LFC) program is a voluntary program that recognizes counties that actively support the livestock industry.

Directed by the Nebraska Legislature, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture uses the LFC program to assist counties and agricultural producers promote the livestock industry.

Additional Resources


Nebraska has an abundant water supply which includes both surface water from the many rivers and streams, aquifers, and rural water pipelines.

The portion of the Ogallala Aquifer (High Plains) that lies under Nebraska contains five times the amount of water in Lake Erie. If all that water was poured over the state, the water would be 40 feet deep.

Nebraska also has other aquifers that contain large amounts of water.

Natural Resources Districts (NRDs)

A Unique System

Nebraska's system of local natural resources management is unique in the United States. Unlike the county-wide districts found in most states, Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts are based on river basin boundaries, enabling them to approach natural resources management on a watershed basis.

Local Concerns, Local Solutions

There are 23 NRDs in Nebraska. Each district is autonomous, governed by a locally-elected Board of Directors. While NRDs share a common set of responsibilities (see NRD Programs), each district sets its own priorities and develops its own programs to best serve local needs.

Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD)

Nebraska is the nation’s only 100% public power state. Low utility costs make Nebraska an excellent location for industries. Industrial rates for electricity and natural gas are among the lowest in the nation; 25% lower than the national average.