Webinar on Social Security “no-match letters”

Webinar on Social Security “no-match letters”

On May 29, a webinar on Social Security “no-match letters” and other employment and immigration legal issues facing agricultural producers was held. View the recording of the webinar below. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced that beginning in spring 2019, it would begin reissuing Employer Correction Request Notices, commonly referred to as “no-match letters.” The SSA had previously issued no-match letters but discontinued the practice in 2012. Since the announcement, an estimated 570,000 employers nationwide have received no-match letters and more are likely on the way. 

No-match letters will be sent to employers who submitted wage and tax statements (Form W-2) for employees that contain name and Social Security Numbers that do not match SSA records. Reasons for these discrepancies can be innocuous, like marital name changes and typos on forms, but they can also indicate immigration status. These notices have the potential to expose employers to increased liability during I-9 audits and must be corrected within 60 days of receipt. 

Click here to view a sample notice.

If you received a letter or are worried about potential employment liability, please consider participating in this webinar. Topics will include background on no-match letters and potential legal risks for employers; guidance and a timeframe for responding; and how to take proactive steps to reduce your risk of receiving future no-match letters. 

The webinar is open to current dues-paying members of either Nebraska Cattlemen or the Nebraska State Dairy Association. 

Date and Time: 12:00 pm CST on May 29, 2019. The webinar will be recorded for viewing after its completion for those that can’t participate live. 

Featured Speakers:

  • David Zaritzky Brown, Brown Immigration Law PC, LLO
  • Torrey J. Gerdes, Baylor Evnen, LLP
  • Susan M. Foster, Baylor Evnen, LLP

How to Register:

All participants must register in advance by clicking here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Please send your questions to:  nomatchwebinar@gmail.com in advance of the webinar. This will help ensure that all questions are answered and the appropriate information is made available.